Mini Tennis Coaching in Wimbledon Park 

WPTA Mini Tennis lessons combine excellent teaching skills with loads of fun on court. Our specialist coaching team offer a range of classes throughout the week that are suitable for players aged 4-11yrs. Each class covers important aspects of the game of tennis including stroke development, tactics and scoring. WPTA also features high levels of co-ordination skills and games to make a well rounded junior player. 










Learn About Mini Tennis & Choose the Right Class

There are 3 stages of tennis development within Mini Tennis. If you have been to a club or programme before, you will most likely know what these are and where your child fits in. But if you are new to tennis it can be a lightly confusing! 

Mini Tennis is divided into 3 stages of learning with the equipment and court size changing depending on the class and age group. The use of specialist equipment really helps young players develop their skills faster and build confidence in their ability to play and have fun with tennis. 


The first stage of learning is called RED.

Players at this age group are learning the game for the first time but can also progress to play competetive games once they have mastered the basics of how to play. The exercises in these classes are always great fun, focus a lot on key skills such as co-ordination, balance and movement, and encourage children to work together with the coach and other players to learn to enjoy playing with rackets.

The equipment in this class is highly visual. The court size is smaller, and rackets and balls are also modified to make it easier to play and hit great shots!


The second stage of learning is called ORANGE.

Players learning at this stage are starting to understand more of the technical and tactical ideas behind the game. The court is larger (approximately 3/4 of a full size tennis court) and the rackets are slightly large too. The balls also change slightly and are smaller and a little faster. 

All of our orange ball classes continue the work with players on co-ordination and athletic development but players are encouraged to play more game based activities in either singles, doubles or team games.


The final stage of learning is called GREEN.

This form of tennis starts to look and feel like tennis as many people know it. Players use the larger dimensions of the tennis court (except the tramlines) and the ball is almost as fast as a traditional tennis ball. 

Players playing within the Green classes need to be able to hit harder and cover more court, so our coaching team works hard on these factors whilst still trying to keep track of the basic skills that need to develop.