Junior Tennis Coaching in Wimbledon Park 

The Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy offers a range of coaching classes for junior tennis players aged 10-16yrs who are looking to improve their skills on the tennis court. We offer classes throughout the week and have a clear pathway of development for our players. Each player receives specialist tennis coaching in small groups to maximise the development of their skills. 

Please take a look at the different types of classes that are available at the Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy in 2020. Our courses are professionally run by highly qualified coaches that are available during the week and at weekends. WPTA can provide a full range of coaching services including individual tennis lessons, shared tennis lessons and group tennis lessons for junior players. 










Why Choose our Junior Tennis Coaching Programme?

The WPTA junior tennis program offers players moving from Mini Tennis a chance to develop their skills further as they move to conventional balls and court spaces. This program offer a progressive pathway of classes to ensure players are developing their skills at the right level, enjoying their practice with friends and learning to play and compete correctly. 

To make sure every player has a chance to enjoy and succeed in this part of our program, WPTA focuses on the following key teaching components:

  • Energetic and relevent coaching content for each class
  • Focus on building co-ordinated, creative tennis players 
  • Smaller group sizes to ensure high volume of hitting time 
  • Correct equipment and advice for parents and players
  • Links to match play or team games regularly within each class  


Junior Development Tennis (players aged 11-13yrs)

These classes are aimed at intermediate players who have completed mini tennis and are now ready to take on the challenge of the full court! In these classes we focus on building players strength and speed around the court so they can manage the challenges of playing singles and doubles. We also focus on helping players think more tactically and make sure they know how to score correctly. 

Teenage Development Tennis (players aged 14-16yrs) 

Once junior players reach their GCSE or A-Level years they often have to juggle tennis comitments with school work - not an easy task! As a result, our tennis classes at this age help players practice game based skills predominantly rather than technical skills and they help keep each player to a high level ready for competitive play when exams are finally over! 

WPTA Advanced Squad (players aged 11-16yrs) - Invitational Classes

Players that have a high standard of play and are looking to compete in our teams or in local competitions, are encouraged to play in our advanced classes. These classes encourage players to play more than once per week and offer more intensive training sessions. The content covers more advanced tactics, physical development and introduces more advanced shots required to play tennis to a high level.