Adult Tennis Coaching in Wimbledon Park 

The Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy offer a wide range of adult tennis classes so that players of every level can find the right place to work on their tennis game. If you are looking to take up tennis for the first time and want some reassuring advice, or if you are a strong player looking to work hard and take your game to the next level, then WPTA has a class to suit you this season. 




Adult Private Lessons:

  • Assistant Coach:    £45 per hour 
  • Senior Coach:        £50 per hour
  • Head Coach:          £55 per hour 

Call WPTA on 0203 652 1157 to request a slot!

What Class Suits Me?

Not every player wants or needs a coach. Many adults have fun playing the game of tennis without too many thoughts about what they are doing or the rules that they keep. Tennis coaching really helps to give players some professional guidance to get the most out of their ability or games that they play. WPTA offers coaching for the following categories:

  • Beginners - learning to play the game with little or no experience
  • Improvers / Rusty Rackets - players with some experience or coming back to tennis after a long time off
  • Intermediates - competent players who have skills in all the relevant areas of the game 
  • Advanced - high level players who have specific tactical skills & faster ball speeds 
  • Cardio Tennis - high energy cross over class between tennis and fitness 
  • Pair & Play - doubles only class that helps players work on basic doubles strategy 

WPTA have a weekly program that includes classes for all the categories above. WPTA also offers FREE weekly trials that adult players can join to have their game assessed and correct advice given on where to start with our classes. Here is a list of what's on offer for Spring/Summer 2021:

Tennis Express 6 Week Beginner Course (£50 for 6 x 1 hour lessons)

If you are looking to kick start your interest in tennis then join our Tennis Express 6 week starter tennis course. Learn the basic skills, positions and movements and meet other players in your group. This is a subsidised class and is endorsed by the LTA.

Click here to see available Tennis Express classes and book your space via Clubspark 

Tennis Express 6 Week Improver Course (£75 for 6 x 1 hour lessons)

If you are looking to continue your interest in learning tennis, then join our Tennis Express 6 week improver tennis course. Continue with the basic skills, positions and movements and enhance them with some tactical ideas. This is a subsidised course that runs in sync with the LTA's Tennis Express Beginner Course. 

Tennis Express Improver Courses are offered throughout the week - book via the LLS App 

Rusty Rackets Adult Group Coaching (£12.50 / £16.50 per hour)

Brush up your technique, learn some new drills and practice your tennis with other players via the WPTA Rusty Rackets weekly turn up classes. These are weekly turn up classes that each feature practice in an important area of the game of tennis, plus there are always some fun games on offer too!

Rusty Rackets is offered on Wednesday @ 6pm & Saturday @11am every week - book via the LLS App 

Intermediate Adult Tennis Classes (£18/£25 per 90mins)

These classes are designed to offer coaching in key areas of play at both singles and doubles. The coaching covers basic skills but also allows players to develop their own style of play. The class is run at a high level of energy, drills are exciting and quick, and there is time allocated for match play situations to work on improving weaknesses in any areas. 

Adult Intermediate Group Coaching is offered on Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm-8.30pm every week - book via the LLS App 

Advanced Adult Tennis Classes (£18/£25 per 90mins)

Aimed at players with existing experience and a good level of play, these advanced coaching classes cover more of the higher skill levels associated with tennis such as variety of shots, strategy in singles and doubles, and development of attacking skills. 

Adult Advanced Group Coaching is offered on Monday @ 7pm-8.30pm every week - book via the LLS App