Tennis Coaching for Adults 

Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy offer tennis lessons for adult players throughout the week at Wimbledon Park. These lessons are largely group based but you can also book one of our experienced tennis coaches for private lessons as well. The format for the lessons is designed to make each player enjoy their time on court, hit lots of balls (no standing around waiting!) and help you improve your level of play quickly. The classes are also social, with players encouraged to meet up outside of lessons to keep up their practice. 




Ross Grover heads up the adult coaching programme for WPTA. Ross has over 20 years of teaching experience and was a former county standard player

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Why Choose Adult Tennis Coaching?

Not every player wants or needs a coach. Many adults have fun playing the game of tennis without too many thoughts about what they are doing or the rules that they keep. Tennis coaching really comes into view for players who are in the following categories:

  • Beginners - learning to play the game with little or no experience
  • Competitors - wanting to improve performance for league games, matches or doubles games 
  • Families - players who have children now taking up coaching and want to take up the game themselves
  • Rusty Rackets - players who have previously played a lot of tennis but life has got in the way!
  • Fitness Fanatics - players who love a work out as well as hitting some balls 

There are plenty of reasons to take up a few lessons and work on your game with a professional coach. if you are one of these players or feel that you fall into one of these categories then coaching could be the best way to kick start your enjoyment of the game or take your existing tennis to another level. 


Adult Tennis Coaching Classes 2020:

Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy offers a range of options for adults this season which allow you to work on your game in the right environment. Our classes are flexible in terms of participation but we do recommend trying to come to your lessons regularly to get the most improvement. 

These are the choices for classes this upcoming season:

Rusty Rackets Adult Tennis Classes (Wed 6PM / Sat 11AM)

Offered on Monday evenings in the summer, Rusty Rackets is a class aimed at players who used to play a little tennis and want to take the sport back up again. The classes cover all the basic skills in tennis such as groundstrokes, volleys, serve and return and game play. 

Intermediate Adult Tennis Classes (Thurs 7PM / Sun 11AM)

These classes are designed to offer coaching in key areas of play at both singles and doubles. The coaching covers basic skills but also allows players to develop their own style of play. The class is run at a high level of energy, drills are exciting and quick, and there is time allocated for match play situations to work on improving weaknesses in any areas. 

Advanced Adult Tennis Classes (Mon 7PM)

Aimed at players with existing experience and a good level of play, these advanced coaching classes cover more of the higher skill levels associated with tennis such as variety of shots, strategy in singles and doubles, and development of attacking skills. 

Adult Beginners Basics Coaching Course (Times TBC) - NEW COURSE!

This is our introductory course for players who are new to the game and looking to learn about the basic skills, scoring and ideas behind practicing or playing against other players. The course is run over 4 weeks and each covers a different situation. The last week features a chance to learn how to score and play against other players so you are ready to hit the courts on your own after you have finished. 


Adult Tennis Coaching Prices:


  • 4 Week Beginners Basics Course: £60.00 per person 
  • Weekly Adult Tennis Classes: £16.50 per person / MEMBERS PRICE £12.50 


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Private Tennis Coaching:

If you are interested in some more individual lessons, then you can book one of our coaches to work on your game on a 1:1 basis. These sessions are aimed at more technical improvement such as serving where repetitive practice and video analysis can be very beneficial to helping players improve. Prices for individual lessons are as follows:

  • Assistant Coach:    £45 per hour 
  • Senior Coach:        £50 per hour
  • Head Coach:          £55 per hour 

Note: All court fees are included at approximately £15 per hour for lessons in Wimbledon Park.